Furniture range


Whether it’s a Modern, Vintage, Classic or Industrial Style you desire, you can showcase your home with our varied collection of furniture pieces. With an emphasis on en-vogue trends, quality materials and expert craftsmanship let Jasmine and Lilah bring you the ‘Luxury you deserve’.

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Lighting range


The ambience of a room essentially comes down to the mood and feel created by the way its illuminated. Our wide range of ceiling lights, floor and table lamps will help you bring the perfect mood to each room in your home. To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.  Roy T. Bennett.

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Accessories range


A House only becomes a Home when you add your personal touch…….. The personal touch comes from the smaller decorative pieces, in how you arrange and display them and show the world your true character. Let us help you make your house into a home to be proud of.

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